Our Team


Portia Nondo

Portia Nondo is married and a proud mother of the two best young men. She is passionate about education and the potential it has in breaking the cycle of socio-economic disadvantages, especially with the girl child. Her life journey and experience continues to inspire this passion for impacting and shifting the future of every girl child with an education that will impact our communities and the world.

Portia has an Engineering degree and an MBA which have been instrumental in accessing opportunities in the Consulting and Financial Services industry. She has worked for Accenture, Standard Bank and Nedbank.

Portia is currently a multiple-franchise owner with McDonald’s. It is through her business in McDonald’s and engaging with her business community that she identified the strong need to establish an Education Foundation for girls in communities with poor educational resources and challenging psycho-social environments. Her motivation is to see these girls become impactful global citizens.


Batetshi Matenge

Batetshi’s objective is to advocate for girls and women’s welfare through education. She believes that educating girls gives them the freedom to make decisions to improve their lives, which has profound social implications. Education has allowed her to participate in the formal labour market and open an array of life opportunities, and she would like to support other girls in achieving the same.

Batetshi Matenge has a Masters in Clinical Psychology (cum laude) and graduated at the top of her class. In her clinical work, Batetshi finds that there is a high number of young girls who do not complete high school or have tertiary education. These girls and young women, in turn, become the most disempowered members of their community. Batetshi wants to see girls reach their full potential and contribute meaningfully in their communities and globally.

Batetshi currently runs a Private Practice and Consulting Business. She previously worked for Tara The H. Moross Specialist Psychiatric Hospital and Ekurhuleni Health District.